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Welcome to Mandrill – the UK’s most experienced health video production company.

With over 400 videos involving the NHS and 19 health television series under our belt – your next video project couldn’t be in safer hands.

You won’t find a video production company with more experience of working in the NHS or engaging viewers in health issues.

Our hallmark is bringing story-telling expertise and broadcast polish and professionalism to every project – from filmic case studies to simple training films or live video streaming services. But don’t take our word for it!

Check out our testimonials to discover why we’ve won repeat business from every health client and communications team we’ve worked with.

Five Year Forward View - NHS England

“It is hard to find a production company that is both sensible about price, flexible in delivery but knows how to make proper television, with impact. I would use Chris and Mandrill again.”

Simon Enright, Director of Communications
NHS England

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Paramedic Recruitment Video

“Chris and the team at Mandrill Media are highly professional and extremely creative.”

Maria Watson, Workforce Manager
West Midlands Ambulance Services NHS Foundation Trust

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Mental Health Task Force Case Studies

“Mandrill do an excellent job reassuring and encouraging clinicians and nervous patients which has been paramount in many of the sensitive settings we have worked together in.”

Christina Jones, Senior Communications Manager
NHS England

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Change & Transformation Videos

Chris and his colleagues have that great mix of professional (quality, timely, experienced with good ideas) and personable (they are fun to work with).”

Dr Julia RA Taylor, Director 
ACT Academy – NHS Improvement

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Client Case Study Videos

“Mandrill showed great sensitivity and warmth towards contributors, helping to get the best from them.”

Thomas Craigen, Manager
Benenden Charitable Trust

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Care Home Vanguards Case Studies

“Chris really understood how the production needed to work and took my aims and turned them into an incredible film which hangs together and tells a clear story” 

Peta Mylan, Communications Manager
NHS England

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Time for Care - Case Studies

“We received a highly professional service throughout and an end product which was well received by our stakeholders, and came in on time and budget”

Yesret Bi, Senior Communications Manager
Sustainable Improvement Team NHS England

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Aspiring Chief Executives Training Videos

“I’ve been consistently impressed with the production by Mandrill Media over the year I have worked with them. As well as being cost effective, they provide a professional service that is reliable.”

James Marcus, Digital Content Manager
NHS Leadership Academy

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Integrated Care Pilot Video

“Patients involved in filming were treated with sensitivity and professionalism. The video was an enjoyable and successful project that really captured the essence of what the integrated community care team is all about.”

Mark Girvan – Manager Service Planning & Reform
North of England Commissioning Support Unit

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Our Services

Here are our most popular video production services

Health Video Productions

You won’t find a production company with more experience of turning health stories and issues into really compelling video content.

Producing 19 health TV series and over 240 NHS videos has given us an in-depth knowledge of health subjects – and an unbeatable track record of working with healthcare professionals – from the NHS Chief Executive to hundreds of frontline staff and their patients.

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Case Study Video Production

Case study videos are magic. They transform even the most complex subjects into really accessible and watchable video content.

Watch this sensitively handled patient case story and you’ll be left in no doubt what health system transformation really means to those who need it most.


NHS Video Production

The NHS is Mandrill’s biggest client. 

We’ve made over 240 individual videos for NHS England, NHS Improvement and the NHS Leadership Academy. (And over 200 TV productions for TV involving the health service)

We’re trusted to film with the health service’s most senior managers – as well as frontline staff and patients. 


Training & Education Video Production

Mandrill has produced over 70 training videos for health clients – including inspiratiring, studio-style interviews for the next generation of NHS Chief Executives, demonstration videos to promote back care in the ambulance service and a wide range of promotional and case study videos for NHS Improvement’s ACT Academy.


Event Video Production

Why restrict all that learning and expertise at your conference to folks who can get there on the day?

Mandrill has produced over 20 hours of video content from health conferences,  skilfully condensing keynote speeches and breakout presentations into accessbilte video packages. 


Live Streaming Video Production

New technology means streaming live video is easier than ever – but a truly professional live production involves much more than plugging in the latest kit.

Mandrill draws on hundreds of hours of live TV production experience help you plan your content, support your on-screen talent and produce a professional live broadcast you’ll be proud of.

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Promotional Video Production

Engaging viewers is the key to a great  promotional video. Mandrill uses production tricks and skills from over 20 years of TV production to make audiences really connect with your video content. 

So whatever the product or service you want to promote, get in touch.

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Charity Video Production

Case study films, fund-raising videos or charity profiles – all Mandrill’s productions for charities make an impact thanks to our storytelling talents and broadcast-quality production techniques. 

So if you want to really engage viewers in your cause or campaign – don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Medical Video Production

Two things combine to make Mandrill an expert producer of medical videos.

Our matchless experience of telling engaging people stories for the NHS – and a 20 year track record of producing technical and scientific TV shows for the Discovery Channels. 

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