Mandrill MD Chris Wise reveals the latest trends in online video viewing

Online video is no longer a fad. It’s the must-have communication tool for any modern business keen to connect with its customers or staff.

This article includes the very latest statistics on web viewing habits – and reveals how having video on your own website can be a powerful tool for boosting your site’s SEO.


Since the birth of film and TV, we loved receiving our information and entertainment in the form of moving images and sound. The difference these days is we can do it anytime, anywhere and on pretty much any internet connected device.

Ever faster broadband and mobile network speeds have banished the buffering that made early online viewing so frustrating. The latest smartphones and tablets have bigger and better quality screens, improving the viewing experience even further.

  • 80% of adult with access to the internet now own a smartphone. That will add up to 2.5 billion of us by the end of 2015.
  • 47% of internet connected adults already own tablets. And sales keep rising by 52% year on year. These are incredible figures when you consider tablets didn’t appear on the market until 2010. (Source: Wireless Smartphone Strategies).

But what’s also changing is the WAY we view on these hugely popular devices.



In the old days, no one watched online video for more than a minute or so. Probably because the experience was so clunky and irritating. Not any more.

The global research company Ooyala continually monitors online video viewing on all types of devices in over 230 countries – analysing billions on individual viewing events. Their port for the quarter up to December 2014 revealed:

  • 70 per cent of all video watched on tablets is now over ten minutes long
  • 46 %of all video watched on mobiles is now between 30 and 60 minutes long

Online entertainment giant Netflix reveals that 20% of its customers watch entire movies on iPads – that’s multi-million pound pieces of video content that were really intended for viewing on giant cinema screens with 7:1 surround sound.

So the techonology barrier has gone. People care less about how they receive their video content. The barrier now is content. No one will engage with video if it’s poorly made – or looks, sounds of feels sub standard. 



There’s no doubt engaging video can be a really powerful tool for helping boost your website SEO. Here’s my (non expert) explanation.

First, we need to appreciate that the Googles of this world exist to do one thing – give online searchers most relevant results possible.

The clearest indication of whether a searcher finds something relevant is how long they stay on a webpage or website. A web page has only a few seconds to attract a searcher’s attention. But if visitor’s discover a video – we know from the figures above that they’re prepared to watch – and engage with that website – for many minutes. In short, if your videos are well made and engaging, visitors are prepared to watch them for many minutes.

It’s this engagement that search engines measure and reward – helping you earn a higher position in the result listings.

Chris Wise – Managing Director, Mandrill Media Ltd

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