Mandrill are specialists in training video production.

Our health service colleagues appreciate that a well-made training video can be a really powerful tool. Our case histories below show how different types of training video production have real advantages over flipcharts, worksheets and training manuals – for both trainers and trainees.

NHS Leadership Videos (Virtual Campus)

The NHS Leadership Academy commissioned Mandrill’s biggest training video project – 70 separate videos for its Aspiring Chief Executive Programme. The content was based on over 20 interviews filmed with senior NHS Leaders, including NHS England’s former National Medical Director Sir Bruce Keogh. The result – over 11 hours of quality video content which was uploaded to the Academy’s “virtual campus”.

This exclusive online learning zone is for senior NHS leaders preparing to take on some of the most demanding roles in the NHS. The advantages are that aspiring chief execs can access the content when it’s convenient and not have to find space in their hectic schedules for training days. Plus, the very senior leaders sharing their expertise only have to do it once in front of our cameras! Full details are in our NHS Leadership Academy case study – including videos and testimonials.

Story Telling & Training

Change and Transformation is happening all over the NHS as it implements the Five Year Forward View. There’s a massive job to be done training health professionals how to lead or deliver change and transformation programmes.

Mandrill has also made a number of training video productions for NHS Improving Quality and NHS Improvement. We’ve used our story-telling expertise to capture the human stories behind a number of experimental projects that are re-designing services.

There’s no better way to learn from others’ experiences than by engaging with their stories in a well-made, documentary style video. Again, you’ll find example videos in our training videos case history.


Show don’t tell

Video really comes into its own when you’re  training someone how to carry out a physical process. We’re all much better at learning practical skills if we’re shown rather than told.

Optimum Medical commissioned Mandrill to produce a whole series of demonstration videos. The aim was to show clinicians around the world the correct way to apply the company’s sterile gels to medical equipment. NHS consultants carried out the demonstrations and shared valuable tips in a whole range of hospital settings. See medical videos case history.

If you’re a trainer and unsure how video could best help you… don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be delighted to come up with some ideas and suggestions without obligation.