Recruitment video – Optimum Medical

Attracting the best people to work for you can be a real challenge – especially if you work in a specialised sector.

A recruitment video can really help your organisation stand out in the crowd and help you find that perfect fit.

The real power of video is that it can show potential candidates exactly what kind of organisation you are. It can reveal much more about your personality, attitudes and values than a text-based recruitment ad ever can.

They don’t need to be extremely glossy, promotional or “hard-sell” videos to be effective. Two of Mandrill’s recent clients opted for very simple, content-driven videos to help their recruitment campaigns.


Leeds-based Optimum Medical had no shortage of applicants wanting to join its rapidly expanding workforce but was struggling to find people with the right personality and attitude to join their energetic team.

Mandrill interviewed key members of staff about the company’s core values. They include having fun! Simple lighting effects, good music and smart animated graphics added polish to the final product. The most important ingredient was Mandrill’s experience in helping people relax in front of camera and coming across really well. The final video leaves you in no doubt how great Optimum are to work for – and whether you’re the right kind of person to join them.


NHSIQ is the national organisation responsible for improving patient care. It needs ambassadors in NHS Trusts to carry out its work. IQ commissioned a video to answer any questions potential candidates might have about taking on the role.

Key points were covered in a friendly conversation between three senior NHSIQ staff. The interview was carefully structured in advance and filmed several times from different angles to add visual variety. The camera was mounted on tracks and kept moving to add energy.

Recruiting Trainers for NHS Improving Quality