Promotional video production for Optimum Medical Ltd

If you’re not using video for sales, marketing and promotion – you really are missing out.

Your customers are devouring more online video than ever before. Ever faster connection speeds and bigger and better screens on mobile devices have transformed the online viewing experience – and it keeps getting better.

The evidence? Respected Global research company Ooyala monitors viewing of internet delivered video on all devices, in over 230 countries. Its latest report says viewing on mobiles and tablets has doubled in the year to December 2014. Plus people are viewing for much longer. 70% of all viewing on tablets is now of videos over ten minutes long!

Your customers are using video to consumer information anytime, on any device, anywhere. And if you don’t take advantage of that – your competitors will. Here are some ideas:

Product launch Videos

If you’re planning to make a splash with the launch of a new product – a well made video has got to be part of your marketing strategy. “Backgrounders” can tell the behind-the-scene story of the product’s development. Filming pre-launch customer trials can provide you with powerful video testimonials even before your product hits the market. Or why not make a video the product launch event itself?

Product Testimonial Videos

Customers reviews have been a popular way of endorsing products and services on websites. But imagine how much more powerful it is when the people singing your praises appear in video. We humans are hard-wired to read faces – and as long as the customers selected for filming are genuine, their heartfelt comments will really boost trust in what you do.

Whether you want the simple, honest, video testimonials to endorse your services or a glitzy promotional video to launch a brand new product – Mandrill has the skill and experience to deliver your marketing message in the way that best suits you.

“999 Ambulance” – promotional video for West Midlands Ambulance Service