Product Video for Optimum Medical

Product Video Production is one of Mandrill’s key offerings to the health and medical sector.

There’s no better way to promote your products or show your customers how they work.

And the reason why video is such a powerful tool? We simply prefer being shown than told! Who would want to read instructions when a video can show, demonstrate, or explain.

There’s compelling evidence that online shops have higher conversion rates if their products feature videos and not just text.

And remember, video is even more appealing to your target audience when its style and content appeals to them. So talk to us about the products you’re wanting to sell or demonstrate and we’d be delighted to suggest an approach that will show them at their best.


Mandrill made these simple product videos for Optimum Medical. The company sells sterlie gels to the NHS and healthcare systems worldwide. It’s crucial their products are applied to medical instruments properly, so we filmed NHS consultants demonstrating exactly how it should be done.

Product demonstration video – filmed with Great North Air Ambulance
Demonstrating the use of gels in anaesthetics
Demonstrating products used in colonoscopy