staff induction video production

Induction Video Production with NHS Improving Quality

Induction video production is just one of the useful services Mandrill offers to people working in health and medical HR.

A staff induction video is a one of the most efficient and effective ways of introducing new recruits to a healthcare organisation.

It saves you time and money and brings consistency to the whole process of welcoming new recruits on board. Here are some other reasons why HR staff find an induction video so useful

Once you have an induction video, your can play it to every every fresh faced recruit who comes through the door. It’s a welcome relief for HR staff in larger or rapidly expanding organisations who have to repeat the same introduction to a constant flow of new starters.

Using an official staff induction video also guarantees consistency. It doesn’t matter who delivers the welcome – the message is the same. This is particularly useful if your induction includes a crucial element of safety training.


Produce an induction video and you can have a company profile video for hardly any extra cost. The corporate images and messaging you need will be pretty much the same. So, with a bit of planning and a re-versioning in the edit suite, you could have a sparkling introduction to you company or service for hardly any extra cost.