Event video production is a Mandrill speciality.

Our TV production experience includes hugely ambitious “live” broadcasts – so we’re very experienced with the meticulous planning, complex logistics and fast turnarounds needed to create quality video at major events or conferences.

We’ve produced 26 videos from two major NHS conferences – filming keynote speeches, breakout sessions and panel discussions during the events. The video above is edited highlights – capturing the atmosphere and key content of one of the days


It takes SO much effort to stage a conference or major event. So much planning to bring everything together on the day. So why restrict all the great content your event generates to the people lucky enough to be there!

One option is to have all the speeches and discussions recorded on video, edited into accessible packages, and put online for anyone to view, anytime, anywhere.

Or you can open your event up to the world as it happens – by having sessions streamed live over the internet.

Mandrill’s production experience includes live TV broadcasts lasting six hours and involving six outside broadcast units spread all over the UK. We had a 107 freelance staff working on that one… so even the most ambitious conference or event coverage won’t spook us!

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