ideas for corporate videos

Corporate video ideas bubble up from all kinds of people and places.

First there’s a general feeling you should have one. Next, there’s a realisation you really need one. Then before you know it, someone’s given the job of turning a video idea into reality.

If that person is you – here are three top tips to set you off in the right direction.


It’s exciting making a video – even when you’ve been doing it for over 20 years like we have. So your video project is bound to generate of lots of interest and whole host of opinions inside your company or organisation. I’m not saying you spoil anyone’s enthusiasm, but it’s crucial to be clear very early on who will take responsibility for deciding what the video’s about, what goes into it and ultimately sign off the finished product.


If you’re already clear what you want from your video – great! Go straight to writing a corporate video brief.

But if you haven’t a clue how to turn a rough idea into a video – don’t panic. You’re not expected to be the experts. Discuss your outline ideas with a production company. Any reputable producer should listen and suggest some possible approaches without any obligation. Meet them and talk. A bit of third party perspective may be just what you need to unlock those ideas and start turning them into reality.


Explaining the look and feel you want for your video to have can be quite tricky. Often it’s much easier to show than tell. Find videos online that are close to what you’re looking for.  Of course, their content may be nothing like what you’re planning, but their pace, mood, lighting, style and feel could be a very useful guide when you’re explaining to others or briefing a production company.