Charity video production is core business for Mandrill. Our vast experience in TV production means we have the both the sensitivity to handle delicate subject matter (we’ve made entire series in A&E, maternity and IVF departments) – and the promotional skills to give charitable causes the hard-sell when required.

Here are some ideas on the kinds of videos that can prove invaluable to the Third Sector – and some ideas on how best to approach them.

Charity Video Production: Epic Charity Cycle Ride Documentary


When people DO rally behind a particular cause – there’s no better way of capturing their herculean efforts than on video. Benenden Charitable Trust commissioned this ambitious video to capture the highs and lows of a five day, 600 mile cycle ride from Glasgow to Benenden in Kent. The video not only a great record of the event, but was used to promote fund-raising for the Trust and The Scottish Association for Mental Health (SAMH) long after the twenty amater cyclists had crossed the finish line. 

Any glance at the TV schedules will prove how popular and powerful human interest stories reach out to mass audiences. Charities are in an ideal position to make the most of their people stories on video.


Charities often support some of the most vulnerable members of Society. So involving them in filming needs extra care and sensitivity. Mandrill became acutely aware of this while filming health TV programmes in the most sensitive situations – including:

  • Following 30 couples undergoing treatment at a private IVF clinic
  • Filming over 70 births in countless pregnancy and maternity series
  • Telling the desperate stories of people waiting for life-saving organ transplants and
  • Six entire series filming patients in some of the UK’s busiest A&E departments.

Respecting and gaining the confidence of people in these circumstances demands a special skillset. Check out our testimonials to see how well we did!

Charity Video Production: How support from Benenden Charitable Trust transformed John’s life.


Well-made video can appeal to the emotions in a way text and even still pictures never can. Ideal when you’re asking people to make a donation. Crowd-funding experts Vision Launch report that a campaign that includes a personalised video raises 105% more than one that doesn’t.

And the funds will really start to roll in if your video goes viral. But it won’t do that if it’s not engaging, entertaining and watchable.


Campaigns are often at the core of a charity’s work. In a world where so much information is competing for everyone’s attention, a well-made campaign videos are a powerful tool for breaking through all the background noise and reaching huge audiences through social media.

Videos filmed with Dogs Trust and The Kennel Club Charities.

Dogs Trust “dogumentary” episode 1
Kennel Club – Are you right for a puppy?
Dogs Trust “dogumentary” episode 11