Change & Transformation Training – Bath

Training video production has become a major part of Mandrill’s work for the NHS.

Every time our cameras roll we seem to be filming staff involved in improvement and transformation projects that are shaping the future of the NHS.

To date, we’ve produced:

  • Seven videos for NHS Improvement’s Advancing Change & Transformation (ACT) Academy
  • Twenty videos from NHSIQ events sharing learning from change projects all over the UK, &
  • A video on the support offered by NHS England’s Sustainable Improvement Team for a group of GPs developing 7 day a week services.

Our latest video (above) shows how ACT’s “train the trainer” programme is spreading change and transformation skills throughout Royal United Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust – where over 40 separate improvement projects underway.

Video – Introducing the ACT Academy


There’s a real buzz around NHS change and transformation. Staff throughout the NHS are re-writing rule books, re-designing systems and pushing boundaries to improve services for patients, but few have any training to navigate these exciting but uncharted waters.

The Advancing Change & Transformation (ACT) Academy is there to help. The Academy commissioned this video to give prospective candidates a taste of the support packages available.

ACT Academy director Dr Julia RA Taylor, said:

We have worked with Chris Wise and his Mandrill colleagues on a number of occasions, relating to activities in hospitals, educational programmes on service improvement and the development of very senior leaders in the NHS on complex change working across organisational boundaries (transformational change).

 Chris quickly understands the key messages we need to get across, demonstrates insight into the improvement world and how to shape case studies so they are quickly comprehensible for the viewer and importantly how to relate to both very senior staff and more junior staff.

Flexible and adaptable, we would use him again..

Meet the first QSIR graduates


The challenge to improve patient care across the NHS and make it more efficient is enormous, so a key aim of the ACT Academy is to help roll out  transformation and improvement know-how at scale.

ACT runs The QSIR College (Quality Service Improvement & Re-design College in full!). One of its programmes trains pairs of healthcare professionals in quality and improvement skills. Then it teaches them to pass on their learning to colleagues in their trusts or NHS departments.

This video features two of the college’s first successful graduates.

ACT Academy director Dr Julia RA Taylor, said:

“Chris and his colleagues have that great mix of, professional (quality, timely, experienced with good ideas) and personable (they are fun to work with)”. We have used them twice and would work with them again.”

Videos – Supporting change and transformation


CCGs across England are at the forefront of change and transformation. Many received support with improvement projects from experts at NHS Improving Quality.

NHSIQ organised two national conferences where CCG staff shared their experience of change projects. Mandrill captured this valuable content in a series of twenty videos that was made available to a wider audience online.

Our teams used two camera crews to make sure we recorded all keynote speakers and breakout sessions – as well as vox pops with speakers and delegates.

Charlie Keeney, Director of the NHSIQ Transforming Care Team said:

“The Mandrill Media team, led by Chris, quickly understood our brief, strengthened this with their advice and expertise and gave us high quality and creative outputs with impact. From astute interviews of participants to rapid editing and sharing of draft edits for comment, the service has been exemplary and very responsive.”