The pioneering work of the Care Home Vanguards (NHS England)

Mandrill’s NHS videos tell the stories behind some of the biggest issues facing the health service.

We’ve filmed with scores of health professionals who are working to improve, change or transform their part of the health service for the benefit of patients. To date, we’ve made videos on:

  • The Five Year Forward View
  • Integration of Health and Social Care
  • New models of care for Mental Health
  • The future of Primary Care &  The 7 Day a week NHS
  • New technology transforming care

We’ve also produced a number of films on the training and support that’s available to people leading and delivering improvement and transformational change.

It’s given us a real insight into these complex topics – and lots of experience of making them engaging them on screen.

The video above is a fast-moving mini-documentary on the work of six care home vanguards. Enthusiastic staff tell how they’re adopting new ways of working as well as new technology to enhance care homes for both residents and staff. The video was commissioned by NHS England (vanguards)

NHS Videos – 5YFV Road Trip


Mandrill’s transformation track record started at the top. We spent four days filming “on the road” with NHS Chief Executive Simon Stevens. We followed him meeting medical staff and managers already delivering key elements of the Five Year Forward View – the official blueprint for the future of the NHS.

Our first stop was the Vitality super GP Partnership in Birmingham. It’s one of NHS’s Vanguard sites,  pioneering the use of new technology to improve services for patients.

In Manchester, the buzz word was integration as health and social care organisations join forces to deliver a joined-up approach to the city’s wellbeing.

NHS England Testimonial

NHS videos – A joined up story – integrated care


Integration was also centre stage in South Tyneside where our video told the story of a pioneering, integrated community care team. Frontline staff enthused about how bringing health and social care professionals into one office had reduced duplication and enhanced patient care. The film was commissioned by NHS Improving Quality. Their expertise in managing complicated change had helped bring the NHS, local authorities and the third sector together. What started as an experiment in joined-up care is now being rolled out across South Tyneside.

NHS Improving Quality Testimonial

Videos – Supporting change and transformation


We’ve discovered that change and transformation in the NHS doesn’t happen by magic. It’s often difficult, usually messy, and involves complex negotiation and planning. Mandrill has been lucky enough to produce several videos for an NHS team with the expertise to support health and social care colleagues through ambitious changes.

The Advancing Change and Transformation (ACT) Academy is part of NHS Improvement. Our latest videos sum up the support they offer and outlines the content of their key improvement, change and transformation courses.

NHS Improvement Testimonial

NHS Videos – Hi Tech helps end of life care


One of our recent videos for NHS England reveals how new technology is improving care for patients who are approaching the end of their lives.

We filmed in the North West where many health organisations including hospitals, hospices, GP practices; out of hours providers and the ambulance service are starting to use an Electronic Palliative Care Co-ordination System (EPaCCs for short).

It’s an online record of a patient’s diagnosis, wishes and treatment which can be accessed and updated by any healthcare professional involved in the patient’s treatment.

NHS England Testimonial