Leadership videos for the Aspiring NHS Chief Executive Programme

An ambitious series of 70 leadership training videos is Mandrill’s biggest project for the Health Service.

Camera crews travelled all over the UK to record 26 interviews with some of the NHS’s most influential leaders. High profile interviewees included NHS England Medical Director Prof Sir Bruce Keogh.

The resulting videos form over twelve hours of exclusive content for for the NHS Leadership Academy’s Aspiring Chief Executive Programme. The course is for  senior managers preparing to take on the tough challenge of running NHS hospitals, trusts and other organisations. Videos are available to course members via the Academy’s online “virtual campus”.


training video production

NHS Medical Director Sir Bruce Keogh films with Mandrill

The Leadership Academy recognised from the outset that Aspiring Chief Executives are extremely busy people. The high-level leaders whose experience would be so valuable to the programme were likely to have even busier diaries. So running lots of seminars and lectures around the country wasn’t going to work.

Leadership Academy Digital Content Manager James Marcus said:

“Working in the NHS, there isn’t often time to plan projects well in advance or with leaders across healthcare who lead busy working lives. So flexibility is absolutely key to capturing the stories and experiences of them.

Mandrill Media have always accommodated this and are able to work to tight schedules at very short notice, whilst also delivering high quality work with a professional and friendly manner, regardless of the clients role and background.”



Jackie Daniel 2

Jackie Daniel interviewed for the Aspiring Chief Executive Programme

Mandrill worked very closely with Frontline Management Consultants who support the Academy with the Aspiring Chief Executive Programme.

Filming over eight months involved interviewing 23 key figures about the role of a modern NHS Chief Executive. Interviewees included one of the NHS’s longest serving Chief Execs, David Sloman at the Royal Free Hospital in London and Jackie Daniel from Morcambe Bay Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust who talked about the tackling challenging turnarounds.

Key NHS Improvement figures who contributed advice included

  • Dr Ruth May (Executive Director of Nursing)
  • Bob Alexander (Executive Director of Resources) and
  • Adam Sewell Jones (Executive Director of Improvement).

Penny Pereira, Assistant Director of Improvement at The Health Foundation and James Freed (Chief Information Officer at Health Education England) also shared their key messages for new NHS Chief Execs.

The resulting leadership videos also included a “studio” discussion on how health services bosses could promote equality, inclusion and diversity. Here, three NHS leaders from ethnic minority backgrounds shared their personal experiences with Frontline consultant and Academy Faculty member, John Deffenbaugh.



NHS Leadership video

Nick Carver interviewed for The NHS Leadership Academy

All 70 leadership videos are available to candidates on the Aspiring Chief Executive Programme.via the Leadership Academy’s virtual campus.

Commenting on Mandrill’s contributing to this ambitious project, James Marcus added:

“Whilst able to take full ownership of the brief, Mandrill also provide creative input where necessary and suggest different ways to bring the end product to life so that it creates an impact for the intended audience.

I’ve been consistently impressed with the production by Mandrill Media over the year I have worked with them. As well as being cost effective, they provide a professional service that is reliable.”

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