Medical Video Production for Optimum Medical Ltd

“Right”, said Gareth Rimmington, Product Manager at Optiumum Medical, “We need help to sell medical lubricating gel to the Chinese”. Simple enough we thought. But there was more…

“There’s a challenge,” Gareth said. “Many Chinese clinicians are unaware of the benefits of sterile, single use gels – so we need to educate as well as promote our product”


Gareth was clear. Optimum wanted videos that were well-made and watchable – more TV documentary than a dull training film.

He was also keen to involve the NHS – Optimum’s biggest UK customer. Our Health Service has a really strong reputation oversees, and Gareth wanted his products to be demonstrated by senior NHS clinicians in major NHS hospitals.


Filming product demonstration for Optimum MedicalHaving made 17 health TV series in hospitals all over the UK, Mandrill was able to use some trusted NHS contacts to gain access for filming. Clinicians were filmed demonstrating Optilube gels in numerous hospital departments: at St James’s Hospital and Seacroft Hospital in Leeds; James Cook University in Middlesbrough and with the doctors and paramedics of the Great North Air Ambulance in Teesside. Additional demonstrations were filmed in the mock operating theatre at the LIMIT medical training department in Leeds.

At first, Optimum weren’t convinced that patients would agree to be filmed undergoing medical procedures – particularly more intimate ones. But Mandrill’s experience of working with NHS communications staff and clinicians – as well as patients themselves – paid off. The involvement of patients in filming underpinned the message that patient comfort was one of the key benefits of Optimum’s products.


Eventually, a series of ten separate videos were produced for Optimum’s sales teams and distributors. They were also used to form an clinician’s resource on the company website. Mandrill also managed to squeeze in a recruitment video out of a filming day too. All in all – a really efficient example of how filmed material can be re-versioned for different uses within a healthcare company.Filming in St James Hospital leeds

Optimum’s Marketing Manager Zoe Boyes – who managed the video project said:

With their wealth of healthcare filming experience within hospital settings, they made every filming session straightforward and enjoyable.

 Chris is an excellent project manager and was able to drive the project forward – nothing was ever too much trouble.

 The result was a series of extremely polished, fantastic quality films which have proved very popular with our international network of clinicians and distributors.”



Product Demonstration video – filmed at St James’s Hospital Leesd.
Product Demonstration video – filmed with Great North Air Ambulance

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